How do I add a dropdown list for the details in the "More Details" tab?

1. Dropdown menus can be added for selecting information when editing in the “More Details” tab.

2. Example of dropdown menu.

3. To add lists of dropdown menus go to “Tools”.

4. Select “Custom Fields Setup”.

5. Click on the down-arrow.

6. Select ACT (account).

7. Click on the detail you would like to add a list for.

8. Click “Edit”.

9. Click “New”.

10. Enter the List Name (this is the name for the list you are adding, not the name of the “Detail” that appears on the “More Details” tab) and click ‘OK’.

11. Click the arrow.

12. Choose the new list name that you have just entered.

13. Click “OK”.

14. Go to “Tools”.

15. Select “List Editor”.

16. Click on “Custom Fields”

17. Choose the list name that you have added.

18. Click in the entry field and type in the item to be added to the dropdown menu.

19. Click on the black arrow.

20. The item entered appears in the table below.

21. Add in another item if necessary and press the arrow.

22. Click “OK”.

23. Check your changes by returning to the “More Details” tab and clicking “Edit”.

24. Click the arrow by the detail you have added a list to.

25. Your list appears!

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