How do I add a text box to a report in Admire?

Go to Reports → Reports Manager.
Click “Load Report List” on the top of the screen.
Find the report that needs a text box. Click on it to highlight it.
Click “Edit Selected Report”.
A new screen will pop up.

Click on the Aa button and then draw the text box int the location that you want.
You can then change the default text to the text that you would like.
You can change the properties of the text on the left side of the screen.
Save the changes. Close the screen.
Go back to Admire. Click “Import changes for selected report”. Click “Ok”.
Then click “Save Edited Reports”.

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1. Go to: Reports

2. Select: Report Manager

3. Click on ‘Load Report List’.

4. Click on the report which needs to be edited.

5. Click ‘Edit Selected Report’.

6. [If this message comes up click ‘Continue’.]

7. Click on the ‘Aa’ symbol.

8. Click and drag the mouse to insert a text box.

9. Click in the text box to type the text you wish to add.

10. Adjust the font settings in the pane on the left side of the screen.

11. Click ‘Save’.

12. Click here to close the window.

13. Click on ‘Import Charges For Selected Report’.

14. Click ‘OK’.

15. Click ‘Save Edited Reports’.