How do I set a drop-down list with the mark options in Adrenaline Report Card Mark Entry?

You can do this either in Admire or in Adrenaline itself:

  1. Adrenaline: In the Report Card entry screen hit the small gear button in the top right corner. The List Editor screen should pop up. You can fill the Mark Options with the mark drop down options that you want. If you put your cursor in the blank box under “Mark Options” a drop down list should appear. See screenshots below. If you only want to allow for a number mark to be entered then check off the Uses Number Mark.
  2. Admire - Go to: School > Setup > Marks > Marking Element Groups
    Under ‘Mark Choices’ you can enter the mark options. There should be a comma between each mark choice with no spaces. If you right click in the Mark Choices cell, you can click Select List and check off the ones that you want from what was set up in GPA values.