How do I setup and create Student Logs?

This topic is covered in depth in the Admire Knowledbase:

Here is a quick overview:

To a student log School>>Setup>>Student logs>>Student Log Types.
Under Type put in the name of the log, Group is used to categorize the types (ie. Behavior, Academic…) Role is used to give permissions so only specific users who have that role can add and see those log types.
You have an option to add structured notes to a student log.
School>>Setup>>Student Logs>>Structured Notes.
Put in the Log Type and by Item put in a structured note… you can add as many as you would like.

To give a student a log open the students account on the top right you will see “Student Logs” click on the arrow, click new log.
You now have the option to put in a date and time of the log.
Select the type of log you would like to add. Reported By is which user is putting in the log. To add Structured notes select the box and it will then prompt you to choose which notes you would like to put in.